TROPHY TIME – trophy winners for WA in March

TROPHY TIME – Here’s the lowdown on our trophy winners for WA in March

Judith’s group – Ava – sticker chart    Katie – hardest worker   Amelia from Amy’s wins with Hardest worker trophy


Lily wins the sticker chart trophy from Amy’s Group

Clares group – Millie wins hardest worker trophy Steph wins sticker chart trophy

Congratulations to Olivia – Kerry and Kerry’s trophy winner

Angie’s group – Gymnast of the month – Millie Jae and Hardest worker Lucie

Well done to Charlotte from Lynn and Mia’s mini development group.

Great month for Jo and Judith’s group Renee taking the sticker trophy and Hannah taking the hardest worker trophy

Well done to our Recreational Development gymnasts Laila – Most Improved and Murray – Hardest Worker


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