2019 Calendar of Events

City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy
Dates for 2019
26th-27th Jan 19 TG Newcastle Open CNGA
2nd Feb 19 National Compulsory Level 1 Lilleshall
9th-10th Feb 19 British Universities Championships New College Leicester
1st-3rd Mar 19 MA & WA English Championships TBC
2nd-3rd Mar 19 TG Northern British Qualifiers Northumbria University
3rd Mar 19 Regional Level 3 sign off CNGA
9th-10th Mar 19 TG Sorthern British Qualifiers Bracknell
9th-10th Mar 19 WA North Grades Redcar
14th-17th Mar 19 MA & WA British Championships (Espoir/Junior/Senior) Liverpool
22nd Mar 19 North of England annual Awards Dinner Durham
30th-31st Mar 19 WA Regional Grades CNGA
21st Apr 19 WA Compulsory Nat/Dev Grades South Durham
21st Apr 19 General Floor & Vault Two Hartlepool
11th-12thMay 19 National Compulsory Levels 4,3,2 Stoke
25th-26th May 19 NDP Grades Finals 4,3,2,1 Stoke
2nd June 19 Nick Ruddick’s Conference TBC
25th-26 Jul 19 TG British Championships Birmingham
29th-31st Jul 19 CNGA Summer Close Down CNGA
1st-4th Aug 19 CNGA Summer Close Down CNGA
3rd-4th Aug 19 Adult Gymnastics Championships Lilleshall
14th-15th Sept 19 Adrian Stan Team Championships Surrey Sports Park
29th Sept 19 WA Regional Vols & Challenge Cup South Durham
5th-6th Oct 19 National Compulsory Levels 2 & 1 Qualification New College Leicester
5th-6th Oct 19 Disability Artistic British Championships New College Leicester
11th-13th Oct 19 WA Pink Ladies Competition South Durham
20th Oct 19 General Gymfusion Gateshead
26th-28th Oct 19 MA, WA & General Spooky Spectacular Competition CNGA
2nd-3rd Nov 19 WA Regional North Voluntaries CNGA
10th-9th Nov 19 National Voluntary Levels 4,3,2 Surrey Sports Park
17th Nov 19 WA North Teams South Durham
22nd-24th Nov 19 Espoir, Junior & Senior Challenge Cups Surrey Sports Park
TBA Nov 19 TG Newcastle Open CNGA
22nd-2th Nov 19 Bill McLoughlin National Apparatus Team Championships Surrey Sports Park
20th-22nd Dec 19 CNGA Christmas Displays CNGA
24th Dec 19 CNGA Christmas close down CNGA
2nd Jan 20 CNGA Re-Opens CNGA
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