What a weekend for Womens’ Artistic Regional Grades Sunday 7th May 2017

Wow! What an amazing day we had at our regional grades competiton on Sunday 7th May at CNGA.

Our Regional Grade 6 (8 years) gymnasts  Millie-Jae, Finn, Darcy, Amelia and Stephanie took team gold with a massive score of  192.19.


We also took individual placings 1 to 6th  with Darcy 1st, Amelia 2nd, Millie Jae 3rd, Finn 4th, Stephanie 5th and Abby 6th.


A massive well done to Ruby (left) who also passed her grades with flying colours and coming a very respectable 12th place.

Our success continued…..

In regional Grade 5 (9 years) we had some amazing work and results with

Olivia winning gold, Mia bronze, Camilla in 4th, Lucie 5th and Sofia 7th over all.


Grade 5 Team gold with  183.05

Our regional 6 and 5 gymnasts 2017

Our Regional Grade 4 gymnasts did very well too, despite 4 falls between them (curse of the free roll!)

Amelia  4th and  Amelie  5th both passing their grade with flying colours


and to round off a fabulous day of CNGA gymnastics, our Regional Grade 3 gymnasts Milly and Chloe took gold and silver

Our regional 4 and 3 gymnasts 2017

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