What a fantastic first competition of 2017 from our Development and National Grades gymnasts

In Development 5- Billie took the bronze medal, Millie 5th and Arianna 6th and team Silver

In Development 4 Ava took the bronze AA & Pagiella taking 4th place.

In National Grade 4 our girls owned the floor with Hannah becoming AA champion. Olivia taking silver, Renee bronze & Alice 4th – all making the team to represent the North region at National finals. Maisie taking 5th place as travelling reserve.

Well done also to the rest of the girls who took part in a tight competition. Our A team taking the gold medal (Hannah, Maisie, Renee, Olivia & Katja) and our B team taking the silver medal (Millie, Evie, Alice & Izzy)

In National Grade 3, our 3 girls all made the team to represent the region at National finals. Zoe taking silver, Jamie bronze and Sophie 4th place, also taking team gold.

In National Grade 2, Evie took the silver medal and Laura took 4th place, again both making the team to represent our region at finals.

And finally in National Grade 1, Yasmin took the AA title, leading the team to national finals.

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