Wow! We're extremely impressed (and grateful) to all our PFC members and to our gymnasts, parents, and their families who have supported our recent fundraising efforts.

Here's an update so far...

ipad mini raffle has raised  £974.90

Cake stalls have raised £950.68 to date

Chocolate tombola £333.92

Xmas Display Super Hampers £577.15

Shakey Bucket Collection @ Xmas Displays £368.08 (with 25% going to The Carl Chapman Trust and 25% to Leukaemia Research)

Mya's mum Alisa raised a fab £36.02 in donations by doing the girls make up prior to the displays.

Sale of photos from Academy Championships raised  £192.32 Thank you Tibor!

Win a date £123

Xmas party £209.50 Thank you Keily and hubby for a fab disco and entertainment.

Again, huge thanks to every single volunteer who takes time out of their busy lives to help fundraise for our fantastic academy to help make gymnastics accessible to all.




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