Here's the lowdown from our fundraising meeting.  Did you know that all parents or carers of our gymnasts are actively encouragaed to join us at the PFC ?  contact us if you're interested.

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Financials - So far in almost a year to 4 September 2014, the parents have raised approximately £19,980 and the club has spent £4,674 on equipment so far.

Match Funding It was decided that a request for parents with links to any banks that take part in a matched funding scheme to contact the fundraising committee. This is to be written in the News Letter and on the Website. Please email [email protected] if you can assist us with matched funding.

Leotard sale – this raised £384.00 and as it was so successful a further sale will be arranged with some of the surplus stock later in the year.
Sponsored walk – raised £3,682 so far although it was noted that some gymnasts have done the walk and appear to have not raised any funds with sponsorship, some appear to have not paid their money in yet so the final figure is still being reviewed.
C2C – recent August Bank holiday weekend Paula Thomas and Lana and Phil Chilton completed the ride and they have raised some money – the amount to be confirmed. It was suggested that this may be an annual event depending on interested participants. The committee will review the possibility of this being organised.
Street Collection and display – 23/24 August unfortunately was cancelled after 1 hour due to the severe weather conditions raising £29.16!
Cash 4 clothes – after a delayed collection the clothes did leave the gym and raised £36.00.
Cake stalls – Karen Weir has volunteered to run a stall each Sunday morning. It was decided to try and run the stall again twice a week over the next few weeks. A list will be printed off and displayed on the notice board for parents to sign up to sessions. This will be highlighted on the website again for volunteer helpers.
Summer raffle – this has been deferred to Christmas. Conversation occurred around the prize and it was decided to raffle another IPad as raised a lot of income last year.
Camping has been deferred.
Supermarket Bag packing – Our 3 bag packs have been very successful this year, raising £1136, £743 and £604. A further request has been made for a generic template letter to be available with CNGA logo for parents to send to their local supermarket to arrange bag packing other than in the branches local to the gym.
Mars – the link needs more votes each month and may be coming to the end of its cycle. This is to be recirculated on the website and people encouraged to vote – please visit https://

Future CNGA displays 2014:

1. Metro Centre display – the date is thought to be Saturday 29 November 2014. This needs to be confirmed with Michaela Dale and circulated to parents as soon as possible..
2. Christmas display –We’ll be fundraising via hampers and fund raising events around this time – last year’s hampers were a success.
3. Spooky Spectacular Competition we will collect items for Orange, Black and maybe Green hampers. Heidi Seager is considering making some appropriate craft items to sell and other ideas for fundraising have been discussed.

Other business:

A discussion took place relating to the funds raised recently for gymnastics kit and how the sponsored walk money would be allocated to the gymnasts. This ensures those attending events were rewarded with equal shares of the money collected per session covered. The sponsored walk money as expressed on the sponsor form will be entitled to 50% of the amount they raised for the walk towards their kit. It was expressed that some parents find it hard to repeatedly approach the same small groups of family and work colleagues repeatedly for support and this would decrease the ability to raise money by some individuals. It was expressed that clearer guidance of how the money will be allocated is needed before the event takes place. This has been noted.

The group has suggested a list on the website and in the News Letter of dates for your diary to advise parents early on of up and coming CNGA events, to book the date in advance as often they are notified with little notice to attend displays and bag packing events.



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