Our very own Lana recently competed in her 1st International for England.
The Rosebowl international has been running for many years with lots of good clubs entering. This year there was an A and B team of England gymnasts amongst lots of others including a GB team. Lana was competing against some girls much older than herself. Her team finished 3rd overall and she qualified for the beam final the next day. Lana is currently the England Beam Champion for her age but the Rosebowl international had her competing against Junior and Senior gymnasts too. Lana pulled off yet another stunning beam routine which won her the silver medal ( only 0.1 away from gold ). The gold medal went to a very experienced Senior gymnast. Lana was a true fighter over the weekend and is proving that if you want anything bad enough you get it. We hope this years success just continues to grow. Well done Lana, C.N.G.A are very proud of your achievements so far. Keep up the good work.Lana Rosebowl 2014 Team England Lana Rosebowl 2014 Beam Silver



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