Before entering the gym
1. Shoes should be removed before entering the gym.
2. A coach will welcome you and scan your QR code.
3. CNGA will not accept any responsibility for personal belongings being lost or stolen.
4. Food is not allowed in the Gymnastics Centre at any time.
5. Drinks maybe taken into the gym but must be consumed at the viewing section of the recreational
area off the recreational floor.
On entering the gym
6. If this is your first time introduce yourself to the coaches so they are aware that it’s your first time
and they will assist you and remind you of some of our rule and regulations.
7. Jewellery must be removed before participating in the session.
8. Adults must wear suitable sports clothing during the training session, jeans are not suitable.
9. All long hair must be tied back
10. Adults must not be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol, you will be ask to leave if any coach
believes you to be intoxicated by any of the above.
During the session
12. Respect the gym at all times and do not abuse the equipment - if in doubt ask the coach.
13. Please be sensible during the session, always seek coaches help when necessary and
always when trying new skills.
14. One person at a time when using the inflatable track or trampoline.
15. Adults are not allowed to adjust the height or remove any part of the fixed apparatus. If
you use any other form of equipment please return it to its original place.
16. NO CAMERAS or MOBILE PHONES are to be allowed during the session.
A member of staff will remind you if any of the above is not adhered too.
I declare that I am in good health and that I am not suffering from any medical condition or disability which
might make it unsafe to participate, I understand gymnastics involves certain risks although mats and other
equipment are provided for my protection, may not be able to prevent injury.
I hereby acknowledge my understanding of the risk involved in participating in Adult Gymnastics and
voluntarily participate.
Making payment for the Adult Gymnastics session indicates acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
PLEASE NOTE - Coaches have the right to ask you to leave if you do not adhere to the above terms and