What is Teamgym?
TeamGym is a team competition for men and women, which includes routines being performed on three pieces of apparatus: floor, trampette and a tumbling track.
A typical floor routine will consist predominantly of gymnastic elements and meticulous choreography. The choice of elements must suit the level and maturity of the team as well as the music. The aim is good technical performance, fluent and linked movements, and certainty of synchronisation as well as expressive presentation.
Teams perform a series of somersaults and twists from a trampette, with good streaming (consecutively and close to each other). Part of the trampette series is performed using a vaulting table. Again the complete series is performed to music, with each team performing three different rounds. The streaming and complexity of the elements produces some very exciting performances.
Tumbling Track
Teams perform a tumbling series on a 14 metre tumbling track with good streaming. This produces a very dynamic and entertaining performance. The series is performed to music. Each team performs three different rounds and each tumbling series must consist of two/three different acrobatic elements, without intermediate steps.
This is a social sport where great friendships are made and high skill levels are met. We have levels for all children, to ensure they feel part of a team and achieve gymnastics skills within their own range and ability.
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Due to extremely high numbers, we may be unable to offer trials at the moment. However if you are interested, please contact us and include the following information:
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