Manique Basic Palm Quards


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Complete Palm Protection for Beginner Gymnasts

High quality, real leather Manique Basic Palm Guards provide exactly what’s required to launch the novice gymnast.

These sturdy, lightweight guards will quickly get you used to the feel of wearing a handguard - offering protection, comfort, confidence-boosting grip and helping prevent blisters.

Featuring sturdy, yet comfy webbing with Velcro for secure fastening, you simply slide your fingers through the round finger holes, strap up and your protective guard is ready for action.

  • Made from pure quality, naturally coloured leathers – so no unwelcome bar staining or hand colouring
  • Free from residual chemicals – therefore no allergies or rashes
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Fitted with accessory straps

Note: Palm Guards are designed specifically for palm protection. To wear, fingers go all the way through the finger holes until the guard reaches the base of the fingers.