Our Women's Artistic gymnasts should all give themselves a big pat on the back after this weekend's grades competition...


2014-04-06 12.47.33

North of England Grade 14 - Chloe 3rd Overall. Kayla 5th.  Well done to Chloe on getting a Distinction Pass with a fab 60.34 score

 2014-04-06 12.51.22

Our A Team took Team Silver. Well done to Chloe, Kayla, Milly G, Charlotte and Katy

2014-04-07 08.41.10

Our full team all passed their Grade 14,  so a big well done to the whole group.


2014-04-06 16.42.05

North of England Grade 13 -   Salome 2nd Overall,  Millie C 3rd, Denise 5th and Olivia 6th


2014-04-06 16.44.16


Our Team won Gold - Salome, Millie C, Denise and Olivia and we all passed Grade 13 with flying colours!


2014-04-06 16.07.38

Well done to Abbie for passing Grade 12,  a clean comp coming 11th out of 24 and her first competition representing the City of Newcastle Gymnastics Academy.


2014-04-06 16.32.19 Well done to our Senior Club Girls on passing their Grade 9 (Talia Grade 10)

2014-04-07 09.43.34

Talia wins silver for Grade 10. Ella wins Grade 9, Olivia 2nd, Lucy 3rd and Katy 4th. CNGA wins Grade 9 Team Gold

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